Welcome on Pechetruite, you are a trout fisherman with flies, lures or baits and in these 200 pages, you'll find informations to suit your needs, plus a Boutique where you can purchase premium quality Cul de Canard and seal dubbing.


Fishing : Flyfishing with a fly rod or with your spinning rod and a bombette. 
 Flytying: dry, wet, nymph, streamers  and the materials to tie them.and CDC dubbing ...
 Fishing methods: Spinners, bait, soft lures and rapala
Lakes and reservoirs: All the informations you need to prepare a day, a week end or a holiday  with trophy trout over 3kg!: La Landie, Chaise Dieu du Theil, Le Roussillou, Les Estives, Charensat..... 
  Roussinas in Tarn,  Neptune in Côte d'Or , La Jordanne in Cantal and La Mordorée in Charente
  Lac de Malaguet
Knots: . Detailed explanation on 40 fishing knots: Clinch, surgeon, palomar, blood, pitzen and more... 
  Easier! Tie the  clinch knot  with a forceps and  see the demo in details with a SlideshowEugene, by hand and with a forceps   Tying your own leader ..
 New : Davy's knot easy and fast to tie
 and put a micro ring to your leader to tie the tippet

With Google Earth see the location of flyfishing lake and reservoirs 


For the 9th year, quality products with the lowest price on Internet, shipping within 24h.
We ship worlwide: Europe, North America, South America, Africa, Asia,  Australia and New Zealand
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catalogue with all your needs in flytying materials

Shipping cost are minimals

  Cul de canard  Feathers  premium quality, 28 colors available:  3,05€ to 3,20€  per g  in all the above colors. 

And 2 products, one to dry quickly the CDC flies and the other to keep all your dry flies afloat

Natural Light Gray and Golden olive

Seal fur dubbing available in 18 colors: 3 € per g

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Natural Amber  and Medium olive 

Tungsten beads, from 1,5 to 5,5mm 14 colors available plus 5 anodized colors  
  Now available from Pechetruite, the Nor-Vise, the best and fastest rotation vise.
Precision ball bearing and heavy brass hubs enable the Nor-Vise to work like a spinning wheel for dubbing like you have never seen before. Perfectly shaped and textured bodies, with all dubbing material, can be created, without wax better, faster and much easier than by any other method.

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