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CDC Feathers

  These Cul de Canard feathers are  the best quality you can get, taken by hand in ducks farms in France.  For sanitary reasons, ( and your protection) they are washed and treated in boiling water.
  The feathers are then dyed with a Pechetruite proprietary  process to get bright light and dark colors and to protect the finest structures as can be seen  on the close-up photo on the right. They are made up of the  four types of Cul De Canard
from the small puff to the 3-4cm feather.
  Colors availables are : White and
 Dark colors:  black, blue dun, dark grey, fiery brown , dark brown  medium olive and olive dun 
 Light colors:
  claret , natural grey ( not dyed) , ginger, green Fluo, green teal , kaki, orange, orange fluor, red and yellow .

New colors: Light blue dun, the perfect match for the wings of all ephemera duns, magenta, pink, green Highlander...
 See the complete color table
 Like all others natural materials, the feathers are not of one uniform color. From feather to feather and within a feather, you can have shades ( light to dark). These color gradations add to the flies attractiveness .

 The feathers are sold  per gram,  postage is minimum,

Or, you could order a combination of CDC and Seal dubbing (

New feathers: Taken from selected ducks, larges natural grey feathers, size 4 to 7cm (1,5" to 3"), perfect for the Petitjean Magic tool or others systems. 

To order:  Order CdC   

Payement are  by  credit card ( Through a secure server), Paypal or  Money order

New product: Oiler puff feathers available in the same  colors as above. The perfect feather to tie emergers. 2,5€ for 0,5g ( about 150 feathers), hard to get by hand, and a duck has only  few feathers! 
But with the Puffball techniques: 150 feathers equal 150 flies

Special offer:  a bag of 10g CDC natural light gray  
Check our offer for seal dubbing

And 2 products, one to dry quickly the CDC flies and the other to keep all your dry flies afloat

Full size picture
  For more informations; send an  E-mail to    
To get fly pattern see the page: Flies and  and 16 all CDC flies and an excellent book: "Tying Flies with CDC" by  Leon Links
 The quality  of this CDC and the fair price offered make it possible to tie affordable excellent all CDC flies. 

 Some satisfied customers
From theUSA : "The shipment arrived yesterday.  The CDC feathers look beautiful!  I am getting ready for a fishing trip to Yellowstone National Park and I shall be using the feathers to tie green drake and blue-winged olive patterns.  Thank you very much. " Thomas
 From Finland:  "The feathers are here. I ordered those from you because I had informations about their great quality. The informations were correct. The little puff are really good quality"

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