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Seal Fur dubbing

  Seal fur dubbing has been used for tying flies since the beginning,  seal's fur has a translucent quality not found in any other material. This quality allows light to pass through, creating features which  are very attractive to fish. In preparing dubbings, many flytiers  like to mix several colors together  rather than using one solid color. For examples for damsel nymphs  one could blend  light olive, yellow, a bit of rust and a small bit of claret and orange. For darker colors: black, grey, dark claret, brown....

  For dry flies: seal fur doesn't absorb water, one or two false cast and the fly is ready to float. For reservoir, some use with great success,  the "Fly" made up of  black or olive seal dubbing only. (real easy to tye!)

 Wet flies and nymph:  the Irish flies use a lot of it, claret and olive bumble and theirs variants, bibio... plus the damsel nymphs...

 Streamers: to replace the chenille with great colors  combination, like the fly on the right: black/fiery brown .


  Colors availables are : 
 Dark colors:  black, blue dun, dark claret, dark brown , fiery brown medium olive and olive dun 
 Light colors:
 Amber, Cinnamon, cream (natural color), , grey, ginger, green Fluo, green teal , light claret, olive gold, orange, orange fluo, red and yellow .
  See the complete colors table
 The seal dubbing is sold by the gram the price is 2,2€ per gram. You can order by itself or in combination with CDC. There is a 5g minimum order  (seal dubbing by itself or CDC plus dubbing) ; postage is minimum, 

To order:  Order Seal dubbing

Payment are by  credit card (through a secure server), Paypal or Money order 

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