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Drying the flies
  CDC flies are excellent dry flies, very light and  the barbules give a very life like motion to the legs.
Others disagree, saying : they get waterlogged quickly and they are difficult to dry  and put it back in shape. And after catching a fish, the fish slime has to be wash away, the fly to be dried or you have to change fly.
On the right a picture of a CDC fly after washing in soap and drying with a paper towel:  the feathers are stuck together and even with a few false cast , some barbules are still wet and the fly can sink quickly.
   This very same fly put in drying powder, after 30 seconds. The powder  adsorb the water and moisture and the fly is totally dry. It will float as normal. And when you catch another fish: 
- Wash the fly
- Put it for a few seconds in a paper towel
- Put it, still attached to the tippet, in the drying powder can, cover the fly with powder or close the lid and shake  for about 30 seconds
 - Get the fly out, shake it to remove the remaining powder and fish. 
 And to keep it afloat for a long time treat it with this hydrophobic powder
  This drying powder is widely used for industrial applications, dessicants......

 You can get this product under the name 'CDC dryer" in the Pechetruite shop in the CDC pages.

The product after usage can be regenerated and reused. Gently heating the powder will drive off the moisture and leave it ready for reuse. (Heat in an oven at 105°C to 110°C for 30mn or 2-3mn in a microwave)


 To minimize shipping cost, the product is sold in a 10g minigrip bag. For use, it can be transferred in a small plastic can with a snap-on lid like a small film container

To keep it afloat for a long time see the page about the  hydrophobic powder


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