Fly fishing and flytying: Dry flies and streamers, all CDC flies and the tying techniques needed to make them, woven bodies, dubbing loops and split threads   

  Dry your CDC dry flies and keep them afloat


 All CDC flies, Mayfly and  Ephémèra and 
16 ephemera, emerger and spent
CDC dubbing: how to make it with foam and paper clips  and split thread to have light and sturdy flies.   The CDC explained, the 4 differents feathers and the flies you can tie with them
 The Puffball flies, new way to tie the CDC oiler Puff upside down: Emergers and ant with step by step
 New material, Mohair,  from the angora goat, fibers up to 12cm, for dubbing, wings....

Step by step procedure to make woven bodies  Dubbing block to ease these dubbing loops and make them horizontal and not hanging from the hook! Dry flies, Mayfly, Hare's ear, skater Ephemera
Boobies how to tie them and fish with them Tying flies, wet, nymph, streamers with glass beads   Tying Dave Wotton  Caddis (sedge)  and its split thread
Raising cocks for theirs feathers  coq du Limousin       visit the breeder G.Dadat One page on jungle cock and its feathers and a few salmon flies  Tying  Thundercreek streamers with painted eyes


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