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        How to make painted eyes on yours streamers? Eyes with a well rounded black spot like all the small fry.
   In this page, the tools, the method explained step by step.
     On the left, the tools used for this page: Two small cans of acrylic paint  for models,one yellow, one black, 3 drill bits, diameter 5, 4 and 3 mm ( 1/5, 1/6 and 1/8th inch) and cooking paper (parafin paper?).  On this paper the dry paint is easily removed . 
     Shake the can. Touch the paint with the butt of the 5mm drill bit : a nice rounded droplet attach to it,  now apply the droplet to the paper, don't touch the paper 
   Reload the drill bit with paint for each eye .
    Now test the 3 diameters, let the paint dry  (15 to 20 mn)
     For the black center dot take a drill bit about half the size of the one used for the yellow dot . Touch the black paint with the butt, center the bit over one of the yellow dot, apply without touching, see  photo on the right

  Apply black dots on all the yellow ones you made, for the small size dots use a 1mm (1/25") bit or the head of a pin.
    Let them dry for 20mn, apply a thin varnish on each of the eyes . Let dry for severals hours , they'll harden and you can, with a pin, remove them from the paper. 

    Now, to put them on a streamer  (12 size hook): Varnish the head or use epoxy , then with a pin
-  remove one eye from the paper
-  put the pin in the middle  
- apply on the head.
   Repeat for the other side,  head cement or epoxy. 
       With this procedure, you can make the eyes before the tying.  Stuck on the paper, they'll be ready to be used.You can prepare for small and large diameters.  For a few £ or $, you will make hundreds eyes.
       The drill bits can be found in "Do-it -yourself" stores, the paint in the model shops and the paper by your oven!
       You can use yellow or red paint, or test  phosphorescent paint
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