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  Prepare three flies leaders: For wet flies fishing, a three flies leader is an advantage, and you can prepare your 3 flies leaders before going  fishing, to have them  safely kept and the flies well protected during transport, use a strip of foam rubber, a 4-5 cm wide (2 inches), 1cm (0,5 inch) thick , cut to the desired length is all you need. Start with the point fly, then wind up the leader, then the intermediate fly, then the first one, then  split the foam on 1 or 2cm (half to ¾ of an inch) to engage the leader end, loops or swivel. The foam rubber can be found in stores selling rubber and plastic.  bdl_mousse

To make a sinking tip: To fish under the surface, while using a floating line, one can add 1 or 2m (3 to 6 feet) of sinking line. To speed up the process attach the tip to the line by a loop to loop connection.      Cut the desired length of used sinking line , soak the 2 ends on  4-5cm (1,5 to 2 inches) in cellulose thinner (flammable!),  leave 5mn, the plastic layer of the line swell and can be removed easily and  scrape with your  nails fingers (1), strip to the thread (2),  fold it up , make a loop and  make a binding with wrapping tying thread (3),  repeat on the other end,  put epoxy adhesive to reinforce the wrappings. This technique can be used with any line to make a loop.

Improve your grip: To the grip on the left, the way one carry a suitcase, prefer the grip on the right-hand side picture, where the index advances under the thumb, it is the position taken naturally when these 2 fingers seize a sheet of paper . First, try with a piece of paper, then with the rod. This grip is more comfortable and allows a much better control of the wrist.
Remove the memory from your flyline: When you buy your flyline or after been wound up on the reel, the line keep in "memory" the tight loop and after a cast you get a  line full of kinks on the water.
To get rid of it two ways:
1) - Before or while fishing you stretch the line, stretchingt removes temporarily the loops in the line.or,
 2) -Like putting  nylon in boiling water give suppleness, 
put your line in warm water, put it to a boil ,let it cool down and remove the line: it is straight, no loop or kink. 
 I tested several flylines and this process worked on all of them ( Airflo was'nt tested). More after 5 months of winter storage on the reel, the flyline still show complete lack of "memory" and  lay  perfect on the water. If you want , test it first on a few meter of your line. Being for a short time in boiling water won't damage the line.
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