Lakes and Reservoirs
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   In this page are listed the lakes and reservoirs which are open for trout fishing. One or more pages gives you all the informations you need to make your choice. Some of these pages are still in French, the ones translated are marked with a " T "
Name  Département Fishing methods surf.area cost : one day Trout Minimum size
Lac de La Landie  63 Flies only 35ha 250€
Limited to 50 a year
brown, rainbow, Gold, Bröding, Ouaniniches 50cm
Lac du Drennec T 29  All methods 110ha 10€ Brown and rainbow 30cm
Moulin Chaise Dieu du Theil   T 61 Flies ( lures for 8 days in the year)   Reservoir and river 60€ brown, rainbow, char  
Le Roussillou  T 15 Flies 5ha 30€ brown, rainbow, char, gold  
Les PersatsT 63 Flies 5ha Closed brown, rainbow,  
Ferme des Givrys 18 Flies 4ha, 800m river 40€ brown, rainbow,  
Greenlake  T 18 Flies 3 reservoirs 35€ brown, rainbow, pike, perch  
Lac Servière 63 All methods 15ha 7€ brown, rainbow, char 25cm
Lac de Guéry 63 All methods 25ha 5,5€ brown, rainbow, 25cm
La Demi-Lune 19 Flies 4ha 32€ brown, rainbow, Gold, char  
Lac des Hermines 63 All methods 4ha 11€
brown, rainbow, perch 25cm
Lac Pavin 63 All methods 44ha 11€ brown, rainbow,
rainbow: 40cm
char: no
Moulins du Bouchat 43 Flies, no-kill and all methods 1,5ha reservoir and 2 ponds 23€ rainbow and brown  
Lac de Malaguet 43 Flies 22ha 35€ rainbow and brown, Ouaniniches  
Lac des Estives   T 15 Flies 3,5ha 27€ brown, rainbow,
Parc du Roussinas 81 Tarn Flies 
(toutes techniques en juillet/août)
3ha 25 to 30€ brown, rainbow
Le Neptune Côte d'Or
Flies 6ha 16€ brown, rainbow
Réservoir de la Jordanne T Cantal
Flies and all methods 10ha 22 to 45€ Rainbow  
La Mordorée Charente Flies 2ha 17 to 32€ brown, rainbow, Gold, char  

   For all lakes and reservoir in France, go to the page with Google Earth

 If you need specifics informations about an area in France, please send me a mail:

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