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  Flyfishing for trophy trout: La Chaise Dieu
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   The fishing domain of La Chaise Dieu du Theil was built for fishermen of all levels. It will fullfill, according to the seasons and especially the temperature of the day, the amateurs of dry flies, nymphs, wetflies and streamers.
Opened all year, you will discover that fishing in winter is some time as challenging as in summer. 
Opposite, the plane view of the domain enables you to see the lake Émilie  (on top) and the rivers.
 Below, the map (click to enlarge) shows you the    diversity of banks, lakes and rivers.
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   A comfortable lodge is at your disposal. We are not  a restaurant but only a bar. You can bring your picnic, we selected some very good bottles for you.
chaise-dieu-maisonR.jpg (5798 octets)  If  you are not equipped yet, " Sage " rods and reels are availables as well as flies selected by Gilles, who will be always ready to advise you if needed.
The 2006 season is over, many trophy fish were captured, see the table of the 2006 records
For 2007 he followings events are organized: 
- 33 days large trouts flyfishing 
-  6 days for lures 
- Trophy combination Flyfishing and Golf  Sunday April 1st, and the "Trout Fisherman" Troutmaster challenge the sunday March 18th 2007. 
  The number of fishermen being limited, please give a call before coming 
 06 07 60 72 67. See the itinerary, the lodging and the tariffs on the next pages.
From january 2nd, fishing taxes must be paid before fishing.
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