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Located in the middle of France, at 58km of Clermont-Ferrand, 49km of Montlucon and 370km of Paris, the Lake of  Persats on the commune of Charensat, in the heart of the Combrailles region, offers a high quality flyfishing experience. The fishs, rainbow, brown, gold (agua bonita) and chars are plentiful and from 1,5 to 5 kg. The record in 2000 is a 5,8kg rainbow taken on a Montana nymph.

Tariffs 2006
One day 1,5kg of rainbow or 1kg brown 23,5€
No-kill, one day   18,5€
Season : 10 days 15kg trout and one daily boat rental 200€
Flyfishing club, no-kill   15€
Boat ( 3 maxi on the lake) Half day: 7€ One day: 11,5€
Per day, one can keep 1,5kg  of rainbow or 1kg brown, over that,  8,5€/kg for the rainbow and11€ for brookies and brown trout.

Fishing rules : Flyfishing only - Open all year (except in August and  when the lake is frozen) -30 maximum fishermen in action
-Barbless hooks
- Professionnal advices from fishing guides are available at the lodge

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Reservation : Recommanded, particularly for the boats, 
call  the lodge at 33-4 73 52 28 97. 
If you have not booked, fishing is still possible if less than 30 flyfisherman are on the lake.
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