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  For a few months, with the  Petitjean's Magic Tool  coming on the market,  interest in  Cul de Canard  dubbing has increased to make  light flies and easy tying. 
  Instead of making loops,  Thread splitting, (originally developed by D.Wotton and described in  DW caddis on  Pechetruite since 2001) is an easier technique, less tools on the bench and even lighter flies.
  In two pages: 
  1) We describe the basics to make CDC dubbing or mixed dubbing with antron or fur. Instead of the Magic tool, we use a square piece of foam (taken from a kid swimming belt!) and  4 cm (~2 inches) paper clamps. (Total cost less than $5 or 3£). The usage of foam  for such a purpose is well known, particularly to fold hackles or partridges feathers.    
  2) In the following page,  splitting the thread  and positioning the CDC fibers are explained
  With a sharp knife cut a  4x4x4cm (1"5x1"5)square cube of foam. You can cut as well, a larger one (5x5cm or 2"x2") and a smaller one ,( 3x3 cm or 1"1/4x1"1/4)) to use with longer or shorter feathers. With the knife, cut a 0,5cm groove (1/4") on the top. Lay a CDC feather, concave side facing you, and by holding it by both ends, pull it in the groove. If the feather is too short to be pulled, you can do it with a piece of thread 
  The fibers are folded up. Cut away the 2 ends. 
Open wide  the paper clamp , bring one of the jaw in contact with the fibers, close the clamp. 

At that stage you can even the fibers with scissors
    Holding the fibers with the clamp, get the feather out of the groove, you can squeeze the bottom of the foam to open it up. Cut the stem out , use a long and sharp scissor ( on the photo , you see the result of a "dull" and too short a scissor!). The dubbing is ready to be tied.
 To make a dubbing mixing 2 or 3 colors, put together 2 or CDC feathers of the same length, put them in the groove . Take the fibers with the clamp, cut the stem. See the photos of Caddis tying  and on the right:  CDC feathers: brown, red brown and yellow   For a mixed dubbing ( feathers and fur, or synthetic) Put the fur fibers on top of the groove, with the CDC feather push them in . Take the CDC fibers and fur with the clamp, get them out cut the stem and you are ready to tie. 


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