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Cul De Canard: Split thread
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 Developed by D.Wotton  the split thread enable the tyer to get a slim body and light dubbing, one thread instead of 2 in a loop. Not all the tying thread can be splitted, use Danville or Uni products. 
Let do it:
  As normal tie the thread to the hook and windup to the curve. Let the bobbin spin to remove any torsion of the thread until it flatten. With a finger put tension and then with a pin or needle, split it in two halves . Split it down further with the needle and put a finger through to keep it open.
   Bring the clamp holding Cul De Canard  fibers and place the fibers within the open loop. Here we want to keep a maximun length of fibers on one side, so we put only 3 or 4 mm  inside the loop
 Spin the bobbin to make a tight brush of fibers
 Wind it up on the hook, pushing the fibers back at each turn. 
The bottom picture shows the CDC fibers  microstructure
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