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Tying with Cul de Canard oiler Puff

The Black Ant

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Tying a Black ant in five steps: To tie the flie, take a feather with the length to match the hook shank, one or 2 try could be necessary to get the proper length;  Hook Kamasan B405 16 or18 
 Thread:  8/0 noir
  Body,  Thorax and legs: one feather oiler Puff CDC, color: black, fiery brown.... 

 Tie the thread and bring it to 2/3 of the hook shank. Tie one Puff, upside down,  the same as with the emerger. Pull on the feather to adjust body and legs lengths.
With a figure-of-eight , separate the legs in 2 bunches, one on each side of the hook.
 Tie the feather down to the curb  Bring the thread back to the legs, fold the feather, tie it down, you have the body.

Bring the thread 1 mm behind the eye

 Fold the feather, tie it down.   Cut the waste, whip finish.
One feather, one flie
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