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                  Fishing with a Bombette (Buba)
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   The casting float,  buba or bombette, invented in Italy, can be used to cast light lures at long distance. It can equip a light tackle casting rod, or better a rod “special bombette”. In the choice of the equipment, rod and reel, always choose the lightest, you will cast during hours.
   The bombettes exist in 3 types: 
   Semi-sinking:  for spoon, rapala, ,baits, flies, streamers nymphs and wet flies.
   Sinking:same as above   
   Floating:dry flies, nymphs, wet
 and in each type at weight of 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 50 g.

   With a 4m (13') rod and a 25g bombette, you will cast up to 35m (120') a worm, a 2g spoon, a 5g rapala or a 4m leader with 3 flies.
   The mounting on the line is simple, pass the nylon through the plastic tube, thread through a small rubber ball , then  attach to a  swivel with a clinch or palomar knot.  
   Your leaders, with a length adapted to your rod, and all equipped with a swivel will be assembled and changed quickly. 
   This technique makes it possible to the fisherman to start with flies with its spinning rod or light tackle rod. Or for the seasoned flyfisherman to vary his technique and to present its fly to trouts always rising out of reach.

   To build a 3 flies 4 meters leader:  attach to a swivel 1,6m of 20/100, then with a surgeon knot, 1,2m of 18/100,  cut only one of the free strands to have a dropper,  repeat with 1,2m of 16/100. The diameters of nylon can vary more or less but keep the taper which reduces mix up. For the spoons; rapala and baits, a monodiameter leader is ok.

To eliminate tangled line at the end of the cast, slow the line down by putting a finger on the reel drum,  this makes  possible for the leader, which was behind the bombette, to unfold.

In my opinion, the best "bombettes are made by Milo (Italy), you can get all pertinent informations on their website (in English), see: Buba Milo

And an interesting article by Mike Connors in using bubble-float, sbirulino or buba as a non conventionnal way of casting flies.

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