Blood and Surgeon knots
The two basics knots to build your leader,. Blood knot is a bit more difficult to master, as it retains a lower breaking strength, keep it to tie larger monofilament , down to 25 or 20/100 . Surgeon knot (an overhand knot with 3 or 4 turns) is easier and can be used for all diameter, it is the best to tie small diameter line and tippet.

But it is always easier to change tippets with a leader  tied with a tippet ring 

 Blood knot: Often recommended to build a knotted leader, the blood knot is a bit difficult to tie.  

    Put the 2 lines to tie, side by side in opposite direction, with the tag end BL1 make 4 wraps around the standing line BF2, then  make it pass, upwards, in  A.  
 Do the same operation with the second tag end BL2 around the Standing Line BF1, pass it through loop A from top to bottom.
 The 2 tags BL1 and BL2 are in opposite directions through A.

Lubricate and draw slowly on the two Standing Lines. Trim the two tags close to the knot ( leave 1mm) to facilitate going through the rings.  If one wants to keep a dropper,  cut only one of the tags. 
Its strength, (80 to 85% of breaking strength) is lower than that of the surgeon knot, it can be used without problem for larges diameters lines.  


  Surgeon knot The best to build a leader with nylons of different diameters, especially for leader/tippet, from various published experiments, it retains 90 to 95% of breaking strength. 

    Place the two line one against the other on 15 to 20 cm in opposite direction.   
Make a first loop of approximately 5cm of diameter. 
 Pass the tag end BL1 and the totality of BF in this loop, repeat this operation. (like a multi-wrap over hand knot).


   Pass 3 to 4 times (BL1+BF2) in the loop, make sure there is no overlapping between the wraps. Lubricate and tighten by drawing on BL1+BF2 and BF1+BL2. Trim the  tag ends  to 1mm, to keep a dropper , cut only one the tags ends.

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