Christopher  Knot
 Christopher knot: New knot invented by D.R.Gore and  published in " American Angler ".  Its interest, its solidity and especially great facility to tie,  not tag end to go through a loop, invaluable to know when the light (or eyesight) is weak.  
  Put the 2 lines ends side by side on approximately 25cm. Seize the two strands in A and B. .  
   Make a loop C by bringing A on B, make sure  the tag end BL1 and the standing line BF2 are visible.

Hold A and B with the right hand  thumb and  forefinger.  
With the left hand forefinger in loop C,  make 3 turns
   Slacken the tension between the 2 hands, open  loop C, pass the left hand thumb. 
   Seize, between the left hand thumb and forefinger,  the tag end BL1 and the standing line BF 2, pass them completely through loop C.    

  Lubricate, and pull on the two Standing Lines  BF and Tag Ends BL

.Trim the two tag ends BL 


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