Double Grinner and  Double Pitzen 

 Double Grinner knot: Excellent knot to tie leaders with, each knot is tied independently and slips on the standing part of the other line.

 Put the 2 lines side by side in opposite direction and make a loop A with the Tag End BL1 of the 1st line.

Pass the tag end BL1 in loop A, make 4 wraps around the two standing lines BF1 and BF2  

 Lubricate and tighten this first knot by drawing on tag end BL1 and standing line BF1  
Repeat the operation with the tag end BL2:   make  loop B

 Make 4 wraps around the BF1 and the top strand of loop B.
Lubricate and tighten this 2nd knot.
  Lubricate and draw slowly on the 2 standing lines  to put the knots in contact. Trim the tags.  The advantage, the junction is made by contact, it eliminate the risk of one line cutting through the other. 

To add a dropper see dropper knots

   Double Pitzen knot: By analogy, one can create a similar knot , using the  Pitzen , it will be easier to tie and as efficient

   Put the strands side by side, with the left hand, take them in P. With tag end BL1, make 3 turns around standing line BF1 and the tag end BL2
 Pass BL1 through the loop in P, lubricate, pull on BL1and BF1 to tighten this 1st knot on BF2. Take  BL2 and BF1 in P2 with the right hand

   Make 3 turns of BL2 around BF1 and BF2.
  Pass the tag end BL2 in the loop in  P2.
   Lubricate, pull on BL2 et BF2 to tighten this 2nd knot on BF1.

   Lubricate the total knot , then by pulling on the 2 standing lines; put the knots in contact.  Cut the tags.


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