Tippet ring
Instead to make a blood knot or a micro loop at the end of your leader to tie your tippet, you can tie a micro  seamless ring, you can get them from your flyfishing shop or through the Internet. They are made of  stainless steel, diameter 2 to 3 mm  (3/32 to 2/16") , sell by 10 to 20 and cost between 0,25/ 0,3€  (£0.12/0.2 or $0.3/0.4) the ring.

The main disavandtage of these rings, they are hard to get, expensive and hard to find if you spill them on the floor.



As discussed on the Sexyloop board : http://www.sexyloops.co.uk/ you can replace these stainless rings by rings taken from a small chain necklace  (costume jewelry shops), most of them are made of copper or nickel and the rings are  as strong as stainless steel.

With a chain like the one on the right (only less than half left) you have hundred rings and it cost me less than 5€ ( £3 or $6)

Tie the end of your leader to the chain first ring, then under tension, with a small wire cutter, cut open the 2nd ring.
Now you can tie your tippet to the ring

These rings are small, unobtrusives, strong enough to handle big fish. The rounded wire shape doesn't cut the monofilament


You can as well use them to build your leader for a team of flies, it saves rebuilding the leader when your dropper get short.

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