Rapala loop and Loop in Loop  

 Rapala loop knot : :  Recommended by the maker of the well known lure, this knot makes also a strong loop   .( To attach a lure, you pass the tag end BL in the eye and keep tying the knot.).  

  Make an overhand knot, you create loop A.

   Pass the tag end BL in loop A and make 3 turns around the Standing Line BF. 

   Pass the tag end BL in loop A then in the loop C which you have just created.

  Lubricate and draw gently on the tag end to tighten the knot.
   Trim the Tag End.   
Contrary to the Duncan loop, the Rapala loop cannot be adjusted, the knot don't slip

Loop in loop knotTo connect the fly line with a  leader (braided, knotless or knotted)

  Pass loop A in  loop B.  Then the Tag end of loop B in loop A. 
Pull slowly  to engage the two loops one in the other, help with your fingers to  pass the knots through.   
 Keep pulling  to tighten the joint 

Right, what one should not do:   pass loop B in loop A, then its TE in loop B.  The loop B is folded up on itself, source of  weakness.

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