Three loops  

 Surgeon loop  To prepare a loop for  loop in loop junction  

 Double the line  on 10cm, you make loop B, make an overhand knot  Loop A. Make a second wrap of loop B in  loop A.

Lubricate and draw slowly B, tag end and standing line , tighten then  trim the tag end, you have a solid loop.

Dropper loop knot:  For a knotless leader . 

 On the leader, at the place where you want to put the dropper,  make an overhand knot A with 4 wraps. 
Open the middle wrap to create loop B.  Take the line in  position P and drag it  through  loop B.   .  
Adjust the length of the dropper loop  by  pulling slowly in P

 Lubricate and  tighten the knot by drawing on the 2 ends of the leader.  The loop P is quite tight.  Tie a dropper with a clinch

  King sling knot: Can be used to attach a swivel, a lure or a hook or simply to make a loop. 


Pass the line in the hook/lure and double the line on itself. ( on the photos, I use a ring).

 Seize loop A in  F and twist it 3, 4 or 5 turns.
Pass the ring in loop A, lubricate. 

Release F and draw slowly on the ring and the 2 strands to tighten the knot.  

This loop does not slip and keeps 95% of  breaking strength  

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