Duncan knot or Uni knot

  Duncan knot : To create a loop which let streamers, spoon or lures swim freely. One can adjust the loop and tighten it on the fly or lure.  One can also use it as a loop by itself.

 Pass 15 to 20cm of nylon through the eye, you make loop A. the Tag End BL passes above itself and the Standing Line BF. Make 5 wraps, while moving away from the eye, wrap the tag end BL around the 2 other strands while passing through loop A.
 Lubricate, draw on the Tag End BL to close the knot, adjust the size of the loop B by drawing on the standing line BF.
 Make a loop:   block the knot by strongly pulling  the Tag End. 
 Tie the hook:  close loop B on the hook eye by drawing on the Standing Line BF. 

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