Clinch Knot

  Clinch  Knot :   One of the best knot to attach a fly to the tippet or a line on a swivel, it is strong  (90% of the breaking strength) and does not slip.

 Pass the tippet in the hook eye, make 3 to 4 turns of the BL (tag end) around the BF (Standing line)
 Pass BL through  loop A near the eye, then in loop B which you have just created. 

   Lubricate and  tighten by pulling slowly on the Standing Line BF.  
Make sure you pass the BL in  loop A around the part of the first wrap and not around the part of the Standing Line BF.
See below to tie the knot with a hemostat
 Double Clinch Knot : A solid knot with almost 100% of the breaking strength.  It is sometimes difficult to thread a loop through the eye. It is easier this way: thread the mono-filament then put it back through the eye, you just made a loop.
 Take 15 to 20cm of line and double it , pass the Double End BL in the eye, then make 4 turn around the Standing Line BF.  
  Pass BL in loop A,  lubricate, tighten by pulling on  tag end BL and Standing Line BF. 
You can make this knot with a hemostat
 With a  hemostat: Developped by  Bruce E. Harang, the clinch knot can be tie using a hemostat, it is much easier to twist the mono filament and put it through the loops.
Follow the step by step procedure below: or   See the Slideshow
Thread the line through the eye, put the hemostat in loop A   With the hemostat, twist the loop 3 or 4 time  With the hemostat take the tag end BL and pull it through loop A
 Keep open the newly created loop B   With the hemostat push the tag end through loop B  Open the hemostat and take the tag end 
 Lubricate  and tighten the knot by pulling on the standing line.

Using an hemostat facilitate tying the knot with cold fingers or low light.

Same procedure to tie the Double clinch or the Eugene knot.

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