Double Turle and Jansik knots

  Double Turle : This knot is a variant of the Turle, it reduce further any risk of slipping.

     Pass the tag end BL in the eye, and make  loop A, then loop B.  With the tag end BL  make an overhand knot  C around the lines of loops A and B.
  Take the hook and  make it pass through the 2 loops A and B.  
Arrange the loops,  lubricate and draw slowly on the tag end BL to close loops A and B, then  draw on the tag end and tighten C and the knot is  finished

  Jansik:   A very solid knot, better be kept for the fishing of large  trout and line of large diameter.  Nylon passes 3 times in the eye, therefore the knot is a little difficult to tighten.  

    Pass the tag end BL in the eye and with the standing line BF do the 1st loop A.  
   Pass again the tag end through  the eye, you make the 2nd loops B. 
   Pass again the tag a 3rd time in the eye: loop C.  
 Gather the 3 loops, then with the tag end BL make 3 turns inside loops A, B and C.  
Order the wraps, on the photo,  the standing line BF passes on the left, the tag end BL is on the right.
   Tighten the knot: block the hook against a piece of wood,  lubricate and draw slowly on tag end  and standing line BF to close the loops.  On the  left,  a close up of the tightened knot  

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