Harvey knot

 Noeud Harvey:    Invented by Georges Harvey,  a well known American flyfisherman, it is one of the best to tie dry flies with up or downturn eyes . The monofilament is straight through the eye.

     With a down eye hook put the monofilament through from the top.

Then  with the BL make a loop, under and over the standing line BF.
 Hold the line and the loop in P


 Repeat for a second loop in front of the first one.

Hold the loops in P. Put the BL twice through the 2 loops 

 Release your hold on the line and loops. The loops move over the hook.

Hold the BL and pull the BF to close the knot. 
Lubricate and pull the BF to tighten the knot


 Cut the BL.

The line is straight through the eye with nothing in front..

In breaking strength, this knot is better than the improved clinch knot, it is fat and easy to tie.


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