Trilene-Duncan and Christophe 2 knots

Trilene-Duncan knot:    A combination between these two knots, gives a very resistant knot, well suited to the new products like impregnated monofilaments type. 

     Start by passing twice the Tag End BL through the hook eye (loops A)  Then with the tag end BL make the loop B: pass the tag end  under the standing line BF,  return towards the hook and  make a wrap C around the BF and BL of  loop B.  
    Make 5 of these wraps C
 Order the wraps. Lubricate and draw on the tag end BL and the standing line BF to tighten the knot.

 Pull slowly because there are frictions at the eye and between wraps.  

   Christopher 2 knot New knot invented by D.R.Gore and recently published in " American Angler ".  Its interest, its solidity and the ease to tie it, no Tag End to put through a loop!  

 Pass the Tag End  BL in the eye and  bring  it back  along the hook to create loop A. 
   Hold the BL, the standing line BF and the hook in P and with the left hand forefinger in the loop , make at least 3 turns, more for  small diameters.  
   Give some slack between A and P, open loop A, introduce the left hand thumb  and take together the hook and the Tag End BL , make them both pass completely  through loop A  
  Remove any overlaps in the twists,  lubricate and tighten the knot by drawing on the standing line BF and not on the tag end BL which would waste tippet length!  Cut the Tag End  

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