Turle and Offshore knots 

 Turle knot :  Used to tie flies, this knot is tighten behind the eye and the tippet passes freely through the eye, the fly swims straight. 

 Pass approximately 15 to 20cm through the eye, at 5cm of the eye, with the tag end BL,  make an overhand knot A around the standing line BF. Then with the tag end, make a full wrap around the loop B and  pass BL through the knot A. 
 Lubricate and  draw on the Tag End BL to close knot A.  

Then,  pass the hook in the loop B, and tighten this loop B by drawing on the standing line BF,  position the knot against the eye and  tighten.  



 Offshore knot: Retain 100% of the line breaking strength. For big lures and big fish. Easy to tie. 

 Double the line to create loop and and thread through the hook eye .

Fold the A loop and bring it to F.

Open  between Tag end BL and standing line BF. With your fingers hold the lines in F.

   Take the ring/lure/hook and by rotation pass it through B (and A) do it 5 to 7 times , the lines making the loops A and B furle.
  Lubricate, make sure the furled lines are even, pull slowly on the tag end and standing line.

Top right, the closing knot, on the left the knot tightened .
 Cut the tag end


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