Davy's knot

  Davy knot: Created by Davy Wotton to speed up changing flies for flyfishing competitors , this knot is easy and fast,  It keeps around 100% breaking strength.  By looking at it, one can question its strength to hold a large trout, but as it is being used by most  competitors in flyfishing championships, it must hold! 

 Another advantage is its small size, very useful to use on small hooks 18, 20, 22...

Put the mono-filament through the eye and form loop A (BL over BF)

Put the BL through  loop A

  BL goes through loop A again, 
 With your fingers, hold the hook and the BL in P. Lubricate the knot and start pulling on the BF
  Keep holding the hook and BL and pull the BF to tighten the knot.

Cut the BL , leave 1 or 2mm.

 On the close up, you can see why the knot is holding when one is pulling.

A put pressure on B and then on C and on the hook eye.

Since publishing this page, the Davy knot was discussed in quite a numbers of forum, some excerpt:

" That Davy knot looks like a good one, with an even better percentage of breaking strength than the Trilene. I fished it with 6x, and even though the fish weren't all that large the last couple of evenings (14-16''), there was no sign of slipping".

"but I like the look of that Davy Knot so I'll have to try to remember to give it a try."

"If you're looking for a knot to replace the Trilene because you don't need a loop, try the Davy knot. I sing its praises a lot due to the fact that it rates among the best for breaking strength and is the simplest knot I've ever seen. Oh, and you waste almost no tippet when tying this knot. I use this knot frequently--even on large fish like salmon."

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