Crawford  and Homer Knots

  Crawford Knot :   Little known knot, it retains 90% of the nylon breaking strength, it is interesting to know and test.

 Pass the Tag End BL in the eye, then below the Standing Line BF to create the loop A.  

  Make a full turn around this loop and from the back, pass the Tag end BL in loop A. 
 Lubricate, tighten, cut the Tag End  

  Homer knot :   Created by Homer Circle, it is an improvement of the clinch, he reaches 95% of the breaking strength, with its additional knot,it cannot slip.

 Pass the tag end BL in the eye, then with the tag end, make an overhand knot A around the Standing Line BF .

While moving away from the hook, wrap  up the Tag End  4 times around the standing line BF 
   Hold the last wrap with the fingers and while returning towards the hook, make 4 new wraps of the tag end BL  around the standing line BF and the preceding wraps.
 Pass the TE in the overhand knot A, lubricate well, then draw on BL, BF and the hook to tighten the knot. 
 Make sure the wraps remain well in places during this operation. 
Cut the Tag End

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