The Needle less knot

 Knot without a needleThis knot doesn't need any tool, needle or plastic tube... It can be tied easily while on the water.
 A interesting variant makes the  leader going through the middle of the  flyline

 Put the flyline (Soie) and leader (in black) side by side.

Make an overhand loop with the leader tag end (BL) and in going up the flyline, wrap it up around the flyline and leader BF

 Make  5 or 6 wraps

Hold the BF and the flyline end,  pull slowly on the BL, the wraps turn and tighten around the line.


 With the fingers, put the coils together, then, with your right thumbnail pinch the end of the flyline and slide the coils against it. Hold the BF and BL and pull  together on both ends.

Cut the leader BL and flyline end.

  An interesting variation, the leader is in the middle of the flyline

 Put a needle in the line core and get it out at 3-4 mm to the side.
 If needed, replace the needle by a bigger one. Get it ou.

Cut the leader butt in a sharp point.


Push the leader through the flyline opening, pull 5 to 8cm of leader.

 With the BF make the knot as above.
 Hold the line and leader, pull on the leader tag end, put the coils together
  Slide the coils until the 1st coil is right over the hole. Pull on both ends of the leader.

Notice the leader comes out right in the middle of the flyline, making for a very neat knot, which will slip easily through the rings.


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