Tie the leader or backing to the flyline:  Albright and Castwell knots

 Albright Knot: To tie the backing to the flyline or to tie together monofilaments with different diameter   from 20/100 to 50/100.

  Make an overhand loop  with the flyline (or with with the mono of the latger diameter)Put the backing (or the small diameter monofilament) through the loop and make one wrap .

Then wrap the backing BL around the Loop and itself.

 Keep wrapping around and hold the coils with your left hand.

Make 8 to 10 wraps, then put the BL end through the loop, exiting from the same side it got in.

 Push the coils to the end of the loop, Keep 5 mm loop free.

To tighten the knot, hold the 2 ends of the flyline and pull on the backing BL end. Take a plier if necessary. Pull on the backing BF, then on the BL again, the BF and the BL. Use as much force as necessary.

 Cut the flyline and backing free ends

 To make a knot with  2 monofilaments
having a large difference in diameter you must double the one with the smaller diameter.

 Castwell knot:   Described par J.Castwell ( www.flyanglersonline.com) to link the floating , sinking line to the leader , this knot is so simple it is hard to believe! But it hold! Must not be used for nylon/nylon, because it would slip. 

 Make a loop A in the leader (any loop above), put the line beside.
 Take the tag end BL behind the loop and over the standing line BF  .

Put the tag end BL through loop B between the standing line BF and the end of loop A
Draw slowly on leader, tag end BL and standing line BF to tighten the knot.
 On the right, a close up before cutting the tag.  


  Here are 2 pictures of a knot between a line and a leader. The nylon has embedded itself in the plastic coating, thus making hard for the knot to slip.
  Only to make sure, put a drop of glue on the knot!

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