Flyline, leader or  Backing: Make a strong loop

 Flyline loop:  This is not a knot but a step by step to build a loop at the end of your flyline, leader or backing side.
 A small loop for the leader side and a wide loop backing side.  A wide loop to enable the reel to go through it and changing flyline on the reel keeping the backing in place.

 During 5mn soak the line end in acetone or varnish thinner. 
  The PVC coating will swell and you can strip it by pinching the line between your thumb and index fingernails.
 Remove the coating on 5 to 8cm, will work with the core.

 Put the core through a sewing needle eye.

Put the needle through the core at 10mm max from the coating end.
 Pull the core through, you may need a plier to pull the needle.
 Repeat 2mm higher
 Then a third time through very near the coating end.

 Remove the needle, pull the core back end forth to adjust the loop size.

    Coat the core, between the loop and the PVC, with Superglue or 5mn Epoxy. With a pin push the glue inside the core. Cut the core tag end flush with the line.

To be 100% safe with the loop, you can wind up flytying thread to cover the area between the PVC and the loop. Again apply Superglue or Epoxy on the area.


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