Tie the leader or backing to the flyline: the Needle  (or nail) knot

 Needle knot: Takes its name from the needle being used to pull the tag end through the coils, a very effective knot if a bit bulky. Here we use a short piece of metal tubing instead of a needle.

 Put the flyline, the leader butt and a small metal tube.

With the left hand, in P hold the 3 parts: flyline, leader and tube. Start to wrap the leader BL around them,to the end of the line.

  Keeps the coils with your left hand fingers. Make 5 or 6 wraps

Put the leader butt end (BL) through the tube
  Keep everything together  in P and pull slowly on the tube to get it out from the coils.

Hold the leader BF and the flyline and pull slowly the leader butt to tighten the coils. Alternate pulling on the leader BL and the BF. Make sure the coils don't overlap.

 Lubricate and pull on both the BL and BF to close the coils and tighten the knot on the flyline.

Cut the butt end and the flyline end. The knot will go through the rings


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Needle or Nail

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