Arbor  Knots
 Two knots to securely tie your backing or monofilament onto the reel spool

  Arbor N°1

 Make two turns of the tag end BL around the reel, make an overhand knot  on the Tag End, trim it short (4 to 5 mm).
 Make an overhand knot A with the knotted Tag End around the Standing Line BF, tighten it moderately. 
 Draw on the Standing Line BF to tighten this knot.  

Even if knot A slips;  the tag end will be stopped by the overhand knot at its end.   

   Arbor N°2

  Make one or two turn of the line around the reel.  Make a loop A with the tag end BL around the standing line BF, then 3 turns of the tag end around itself.  Pass again the end of the tag end BL in loop A.  

 Tighten by drawing moderately on the tag end BL, trim the end . 
Tighten the knot on the reel by pulling on the  Standing Line BF

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