All CDC flies
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  From a French master of flytying , 16 " All CDC" flies are presented below. 
He has a very interesting approach, before tying and depending of the fly and the hook size he is going to use, from a bag of CDC,  he selects the appropriate feathers in term of barbule density and feather size (length).
 The body is tied with a whole feather , tied by the tip and then twisted and woundup on the shank , the thorax is tied in a similar manner, the wings are tied from fibers taken from a CDC feather.

Below are thumbnail of the flies, click on the name and you'll go to a page with a 750x500 picture and the materials.
 All the CDC used for this flies are from the Pechetruite CDC shop 

Check as well drying powder to dry the CDC flies and hydrophobic powder to keep them afloat



Caenis  Ephemera Ginger Ephemera Golden olive  Ephemera dark Blue dun 
Ephemere Medium Olive  Ephemera Olive Dun Spent Mayfly Spent Orange
Spent red Black ant Red ant Bibio marci
Gray Emerger Medium Olive Emerger   Olive Dun Nymph Light Claret Nymph 
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