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Fiery brown
 The angora goats are excellent producers of fine quality fleece  . The kids have the finest fleece and are shorn at the age of 6 months.

 With these fleeces, you have long soft staple over 4" long.

They are used in flytying as seal dubbing substitute, but they can be used directly on their own merit:
 -Fiber length, over 12cm (4 to 5")
- Exceptionnally fine hair, which gives life to streamers and salmon flies wings.
- Bright colors
 Mohair can be used as a floss for bodies in dry flies, wet, nymph and streamer. As a short dubbing for the same flies or in a dubbing loop, taking advantage of the hairs length, to create great leeches, wooly buggers... And it is great as wings for streamers and salmon flies

Fine translucents hairs

  See the Colors table
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More than 12cm (over 4")
Brown leech made entirely of fiery brown mohair immerged in water Streamer: body and wings made of mohair
Tying flies with Mohair
The same streamer in water
The flies above, immerged in water on a sunny day, show the mohair translucency and colors.
When you work your fly, the fibers will pulse in the water, imitating life.
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